Our sustainable waste services include audits and analysis to ensure that you pay the best price for commercial garbage pickup, recycling, and even composting. We examine your business’s previous invoices and service agreements, searching for ways to cut down on cost and improve efficiency. We go to your current hauler and our partners in the area to negotiate better prices on your behalf.

Garbage Collection

Northwest Refuse Service has customers with one or more locations in a single city, as well as customers with multiple locations across the U.S. From restaurants to senior care facilities, we know trash and the most efficient and sustainable way to discard it. Our sustainable waste services ensure that your commercial garbage pickup is exactly what your business needs, at just the right price.


NWR consultants are well-versed in local and state cardboard, plastics, and metal recycling laws. We continually explore how to reduce your business’s environmental impact while lowering costs.


When it comes to recycling organic materials, NWR is willing and able help. This is just another way Northwest Refuse keeps it sustainable, reducing landfill waste, pollution, and monthly costs.

At Northwest Refuse, we have spent years familiarizing ourselves with not only haulers in every state but with each state’s laws and regulations as well. Our knowledgeable staff remain informed and engaged with our customers, haulers, and local municipalities to ensure a safe and cost-efficient waste management plan. With many of our customers, reliability with on-time pickups and customer service is a necessity, and it’s one that Northwest Refuse takes very seriously.
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