Save Money on Your Waste and Recycling Services

When you find yourself with expensive proposals or invoices that are higher then expected,
that’s when NWR steps in.

Making Waste Management Affordable For Your Business


Are your waste and recycling services more expensive than you anticipated? Are you facing pricey proposals with added fees, and aren’t sure where to turn? Look to Northwest Refuse. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we understand how much it truly costs to provide quality waste and recycling services. As our customer, we ensure that you receive the most affordable waste solution for your business. Whether you’re located near our headquarters in Baltimore, MD, or in any city across the country, you can trust our affordable waste management solutions.

Cost Analysis

NWR consultants know the true cost of hauling because we’ve been doing it for three decades! Let us save you more money than our competitors.


In our industry, it’s important to be environmentally responsible. Our consultants can help you meet and exceed your sustainability goals.


As an independent, unaffiliated hauling service and waste consultant, NWR can find the right provider or system that best serves your business.

Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. The right service, the right price, at the right time—that’s our promise to you. Get the service you need now.