Market-Specific Pricing Knowledge

We started out as a small dumpster rental and hauling company—that’s why we know the true cost of hauling and disposal. Our expertise allows us to negotiate the best pricing for your business.

Cost Savings

Northwest Refuse Service provides waste management solutions to areas across the U.S. Our nationwide network of haulers, transfer stations, recycling plants, and other waste management facilities gives your business the most cost-efficient hauling and disposal options.

Hands on Experience + Buying Power

We do business with some of the biggest names in the waste industry. Northwest Refuse Service’s bulk purchasing power plus our hands-on industry knowledge allows us to reach your price point.

About Northwest Refuse

You’re busy running your business. You don’t have time to worry about waste removal. Let Northwest Refuse Service’s knowledgeable waste management consultants worry about it for you! As both dumpster haulers and waste consultants, our comprehensive industry knowledge allows us to provide our customers with reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable waste management solutions. We offer our services to customers across the country, providing commercial and roll-off dumpster service, trash hauling, and recycling. We also provide waste audits and analysis to ensure that you are receiving services at the fairest prices. Whether you need waste disposal solutions for a small company or a large facility, Northwest Refuse Service is here to help.

Our Services


When it comes to recycling organic materials, NWR is willing and able help.

Garbage Collection

Northwest Refuse Service has customers with one or more locations in a single city, as well as customers with multiple locations across the U.S.

National Waste Services

At Northwest Refuse, we have spent years familiarizing ourselves with not only haulers in every state but with each state’s laws and regulations as well.


NWR consultants are well-versed in local and state cardboard, plastics, and metal recycling laws.

Waste Audits and Analysis

Our sustainable waste services include audits and analysis to ensure that you pay the best price for commercial garbage pickup, recycling, and even composting.

At NWR, We don’t just manage your waste portfolio or arrange dumpsters rentals. We are continually looking for ways to save money and enhance sustainability.

Our Costumers

Healthcare Facilities

We want you to be able to focus on your patients and providing excellent care. We provide comprehensive waste management services to Hospitals, Rehab Centers and Skilled Nursing Facilities. Our team is ready and knowledgeable in healthcare business options to save you money and time.

Food Service & Restaurants

Restaurants produce significant amounts of waste, which is often heavy- many of our competitors will charge more for that reason alone. While restaurants can’t reduce their waste quantities, they still need to minimize their overhead expenses.


NWR serves retail customers of all sizes — from single-location businesses to retail chains with more than 100 locations. Most retail stores dispose of large amounts of recycling materials.

Multi-Family & Property Management

What do property managers tell us they want? One invoice with one hauler for all their waste disposal needs. Companies with large portfolios often have a difficult time managing their invoices and eliminating overages.


Worried about manufacturing materials or hazardous materials? Don’t be. NWR is equipped to handle such waste, partnered with certified vendors across the country to meet your needs.

Commercial and Industrial Dumpster Rentals.